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  1. Max, maybe I can be of some assistance on this issue as I'm suffering from the same thing on multiple devices with this same past three to four versions or Poweramp. It currently is randomly stopping after songs with high res output as well as both other options for output on Bluetooth and wired both. I haven't tested this issue with just speakerphone as of yet but the same issue happens with both Bluetooth and wired. The format doesn't appear to make a difference of the songs used (its happening the same between flac, mp3, and wav all the same from testing). Crossfade is currently entirely default on my device, none of these settings are touched so they remain completely default. Edit: Mine is currently doing this on the LG v20/LG v35 thinq/and now the LG v40 thinq
  2. Sorry this is late but hope it helps. I'm running a nexus 7 (2013 edition) running a rooted 5.0 custom rom and can confirm that using an app called stickmount (stickmount requires root access) on the play store in combination with a 64gb flash drive in otg mode Poweramp reads all of my songs perfectly fine (including flac)
  3. A good fully transparent theme for power amp would be pretty sick for us rooted and custom rom users
  4. Please don't do support forte iPhone because I don't want to see you have to compensate for so much more weakness on apple ... Just me personally
  5. Or titanium backup if your rooted mate.. Works wonders
  6. Well me personally I'm rocking a galaxy s2 rooted with viper4android mod xhifi and fx versions and a set of skull candy heavy medals and a set of Bose in earphones and loving them both my skullcandy hit harder with bass though lol
  7. Hey Max I need you man.. Me and a few others from over at xda have been trying to compile and decompile your app to see if we can make power amp completely transparent.. All the menus and such not just a theme but fully doing it and changing one of the themes already installed to being transparent . Here's the problem I personally don't have knowledge on compiling but my friend trying it has all the knowledge and all that is holding him back is that he says he can't get it to decompile correctly or he would have it already .. Any help would be so greatly appreciated that I would love seeing it done with us thanks in advance
  8. I may sound like an idiot on this one but I have two requests or ideas. Maybe of at all possible with power amp it would be nice to see the ability to have a higher band equalizer like 10 or even 20 for that matter and somehow if it's possible to increase the gain on the bass and treble dialers for tone, increase the decibel gain on them both I guess you could call it but all in all much appreciated for your time with this app is amazing by far
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