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Master Pause Icon/Button for bluetooth playback

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Well done to you for creating this already excellent player :) Here is a suggestion to overcome a small issue, that I'm sure others may have experienced:

Would it be possible to incorporate a master pause button in Poweramp and it's lock screen, that overrides bluetooth AD2P control commands "Play " without interfering with the phone function?

Normally when driving with bluetooth selected on the car stereo, Poweramp will start playing. I am able to view the artist info and use steering wheel controls to select next track.

If a phone call comes through (car has hands free kit built in the stereo), Poweramp pauses then resumes at the end of the call. This works nicely. If I have navigation software (navigon) running at the same time, the voice from the navigation blends in over the music. The audio level for this can be adjusted independently.

There are times when driving I don't want any music, however still wish to use the navigator (navigon) and hear the directions over bluetooth.

The problem is if power amp is manually "paused" it immediately starts playing again. If I quite Poweramp using the task manager, power amp will automatically start up again and resume. The only way to overcome this is to make a audio track called "silence" and tell Poweramp to repeat that track.

There are no options in the car stereo to pause a "bluetooth audio player", the only time it will pause is when receiving a call, listening to cd or radio. Turning the volume down in Poweramp unfortuntly has the effect of reducing the navigator audio level. It appears Poweramp's volume adjusts the "master volume", rather than having it's own independant control.

I would have though a master pause Icon/Button would work, the bluetooth audio channel is shared (phone calls are also channelled). This master pause, could be cancelled by hitting the next button on the steering wheel, should you decide a little music is in order after all!

What do you think?


Jonathan. B

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