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hello i live in iran and want to buy your app but google dont let me in market !!!**** politics!

so i use samsung apps market that support iran to buy original android apps

but Poweramp is not on samsung list....

all iranian thanks you for put your app on samsung apps fo sale


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If you're experiencing problems with the purchase via Google Play Store (which is the preferred/easiest way of purchase),

you can try alternative purchase method (which accepts wider range of cards

and other payment methods) at http://powerampapp.com/buy-Poweramp (Buy Now, Directly link).


thanks for reply but we can't access any type of payment that your system support :(

there is no masterCard ,visa ,Paypal and etc in iran cause of economic boycott :angry:

the easiest way to purchase an app in iran is Samsung Apps that support iranian payment method :rolleyes:

i can find some players like n7player on Samsung Apps but i love Poweramp quality :wub:

is there any way to provide on Samsung Apps http://www.samsungapps.com/

Samsung Apps ready on All Samsung android Device and has special offers and many users all over the world

thanks ;)

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