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New Poweramp User a bit frustrated


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I've tried for the better part of three days to figure out how to play ONLY the songs in a particular playlist. When I go into Library, then Playlists, then choose a song, the very next song might or might not be another song in that playlist. Also, is there a way to go from the main UI when a song is playing, directly back to the previously selected playlist?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. VERY frustrated

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Poweramp plays selected list (the list, from where you start any song) in the order of list, unless some Shuffle mode is selected, so please check you have Shuffle disabled (grey shuffle icon on main screen).

Poweramp can move to the queue if queue is active (queue contains some not yet played songs). This behavior can be changed with Poweramp options. You can clear queue by visiting it and using menu=>Clear Q.

You can move to current played list by pressing the Title/Album/Artist area in Poweramp main UI, also, long press on that area can also navigate to the current song Folder/Album/Artist.

You can get actually few some more (sometimes not so obvious or kind of advanced) tips and tricks via menu=>Help / Open Help.


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