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Using Poweramp in a car as BT Audio


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I own a newer Mazda car.

My phone is paired with the car. Music plays fine using Poweramp over BT Audio.

My issue is as follows:

When I enter the car and I have the car audio mode set to FM radio, Poweramp automatically launches and is in the notification area. How do I prevent Poweramp from automatically launching UNTIL I change the mode in my car to BT Audio?

Using the previous player, the android/Samsung default player, the music player did not appear in the notification bar until I selected BT Audio mode in my car.

I can see no need to have Poweramp sucking battery until I request BT Audio.

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I fixed this by doing the following:

In Poweramp, menu->Settings->Headset:

* Unchecked "Resume on HEadset Connect".

* Unchecked "Resume on BT A2DP Connect".

Now, I enter car when the FM radio is on and Poweramp does not automatically launch. If I switch modes in the car to BT Audio, Poweramp launches and plays.

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