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Keep Library when Flash Drive is Disconnected


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Quite puzzling but I use PA with my Asus Transformer Infinity tablet and all my music is on an external USB hard disk ... and any time I replug, there's no need to rescan and my library is untouched with all art covers etc... and perfectly accessible.

Even after a reboot of the Transformer?

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I would also like to see something similar. Perhaps the ability to save and load "profiles" in Poweramp, where the current library is saved to the profile. I regularly connect to a (cifs) music share at home to play my music via Poweramp. When I'm not home, I listen to local content on my android. Scanning my home music share (30+gig of music) takes a while :(

On the other hand, I don't want all those folders listed in Poweramp if they're unavailable (otherwise I would simply configure it not to scan automatically).

So, the ability to tell Poweramp to load either the "phone only profile" or the "home music collection profile" would be very convenient. From within each profile you could tell it to rescan the collection and pick up any new additions/deletions since the last time it was scanned.

I've been a happy user of Poweramp pro for ages now, by far the best music player available for android, thank you for doing such a stellar job!


ps. my current hack --which works well-- is to maintain multiple versions of Poweramp's folders.db (one for local phone-only music, another for the whole music share) and disable folder scanning in Poweramp. When I want to switch "profile", I simply copy the correct database to Poweramp's directory before starting it.

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