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The new update seems to make PowerAMP a bit slower


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I'm not really sure about it, but it seems there is some difference after the last update.

Changing artist>album>playlist>album>artist via the player's navigation seems to be slower than before.

This is probably not the case with faster phones, but on my Wildfire which is a low-end device things might get slower when many new features are added. Don't get me wrong - everything is getting better and I love the new additions. Poweramp is improving and even now it's by far the best android music player feature-wise. However, please consider the fact that the low-end devices like Wildfire are becoming extremely popular. Perhaps in a year or two, when entry-level devices will have the power of, say, HTC Desire, it will cease to be an issue. But as for now, a large portion of the market consists of slower phones which are too slow for sophisticated games (I can't even play Angry Birds..duh) or good movie playback.

Apart from the great EQ, one of the reasons I switched to Poweramp is that it responded much quicker than the stock player (which is VERY slow on the Wildfire).

I love the new features but responsiveness is as important. It is frustrating to have to wait just to perform simple actions such as changing an album.

Poweramp is the first app I purchased on the market and I'm very glad I did, but please don't make it another feature-packed, yet clumsy program.

I'd prefer to have less impressive visuals and better responsiveness, that's for sure.


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Thanks for the report.

I do own HTC Wildfire and as well, HTC Hero (both share almost the same chipset) and I test each build of PowerAMP on them.

What is the exactly performance problem you're experiencing? Do you mean Activity animation is slower? Or something else?

There were some tweaks in lists, but generally, nothing that should affect that noticeable.

There is known issue for these phones and some wma/ogg/high bitrate acc, which can take too much cpu (as Wildfire/Hero have no FPU/NEON support), that can produce some animation lags as well. I'm considering adding the separate build of codecs for these phones to resolve this issue. (Probably separately downloadable, as codecs set == 800kb).

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Well for me since updating over the weekend my Poweramp has been unusable, constantly crashing creating huge delays on the whole phone (motorola droid x). It locks everything up until it asks if i want to continue waiting or force close (either option takes another 2 min to complete) This was a great app until the update recently. Forget about adding files unless youve got a month to wait for this thing to read 1 albums worth of "new added files"

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