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  1. That's a fairly simple thing I guess . A display of the total length of a playlist/queue on the list would be great. That would be very useful when making playlists for running or workout. For instance I do 45 minute sessions of running and it would be great to know if I have enough tracks for that period of time. Cheers
  2. Hello I think that the option to disable the background in widgets is already a step in the good direction. However, on lighter backgrounds, the blue text with shadows is hard to read and doesn't look very well. I'd request a widget that simply displays its text in black, without any shadows etc. It would be perfect if the text color could be user-defined, but a simple black/white selection would be a good start. Take care and keep up the good work edit: I have found Phantom Music Control on the market - it is precisely what I described in this thread So if anyone wants to have a nice and minimal widget for Poweramp, look it up.
  3. hello, would it be possible to implement a more minimalistic version of the widget? what I mean specifically is a plain text display of artist/songtitle with a set of simple monochrome buttons. it could have a single-color background with an adjustable degree of transparency. basically, what I mean is something along the lines of the popular clockr widget: I have recently made myself a nice setup with launcher pro. it is very minimalistic and in a black-green color scheme. a semi-transparent widget would fit in with any theme out there. thanks and keep up the good work
  4. I'm not really sure about it, but it seems there is some difference after the last update. Changing artist>album>playlist>album>artist via the player's navigation seems to be slower than before. This is probably not the case with faster phones, but on my Wildfire which is a low-end device things might get slower when many new features are added. Don't get me wrong - everything is getting better and I love the new additions. Poweramp is improving and even now it's by far the best android music player feature-wise. However, please consider the fact that the low-end devices like Wildfire are becoming extremely popular. Perhaps in a year or two, when entry-level devices will have the power of, say, HTC Desire, it will cease to be an issue. But as for now, a large portion of the market consists of slower phones which are too slow for sophisticated games (I can't even play Angry Birds..duh) or good movie playback. Apart from the great EQ, one of the reasons I switched to Poweramp is that it responded much quicker than the stock player (which is VERY slow on the Wildfire). I love the new features but responsiveness is as important. It is frustrating to have to wait just to perform simple actions such as changing an album. Poweramp is the first app I purchased on the market and I'm very glad I did, but please don't make it another feature-packed, yet clumsy program. I'd prefer to have less impressive visuals and better responsiveness, that's for sure. Cheers.
  5. Is it possible to implement a line-out mode, that would bypass all the preamps on the device and send the signal straight without any alterations? I'm planning on buying a headphone amp and that would be useful with it Cheers
  6. Yes, and let us delete the default presets and replace them with our own. Everyone has different headphones/speakers/ears/music, so predefined settings will always be changed by the users who play with the EQ.
  7. I don't know if that's the case, but such effects occur when you set bass and treble to a very high level, while keeping the mids low. Try setting a more balanced EQ.
  8. I'm also here to thank you. Just minor things I'd like to see improved - apart from that - great work! Especially the sound quality is awesome (the most important thing which somehow gets overlooked on android...)
  9. well it's not necessarily a bug, but still, I think that the scheme I proposed is more intuitive Besides, I guess its much less frequent that you want to see all albums alphabetically , instead of browsing through the artist's catalog. I hope it gets considered!
  10. First of all I must say I'm very much impressed by Poweramp, especially its equalizer. It's the first player that makes my android phone a worthy music player ! To the point: I love the fact that in the 'now playing' screen I can click on the table with the song title and progess bar in order to go back to the list of the current album. However, when I click on the up-arrow located in the top right-hand corner of the screen, it takes me to the general albums list, not the albums of the artist I was listening to. I think that it would be more logical this way: I'm listening to a song of artist X - click - Reviewing the album I am listening to - click - Reviewing albums of artist X That way it will be easier to navigate among albums of the same artist. As for now, the quickest way to select a different album of the artist I'm listening to at a given moment is to click the menu button, click "folders/lib", select "artists", find the desired artist and only then see the albums I wanted. What do you think? Of course, if someone prefers to use it the way it is now, this could be made optional in the settings Cheers
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