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How to create folder playist and the multilingual PowerAMP


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You've nailed the problems that have been bugging me all this time with your latest update! My player no longer resets the music whenever it is paused!! Nor does it ignore all the folders that I have in the SD card and reads/list them properly without fail so I can now enjoy my music through folder option! but I was wondering, how do I make folder playlist?? I imported my music playlist through synchronization with my itunes music playlist or the playlist created through the default music player on the phone.

Maybe I need a different music player like itunes on the pc or something? Please tell me how it is done.

Moreover, would it be possible to Koreanize this program like I mentioned on my other post and perhaps provide a forum where korean users can get help and share instructions? There are many comments in the Market board and most of them are about some of the malfunctioning of the application or people having hard time maneuvering the program because they cannot read english. Some of other users and I have tried to help them by posting things on the comment section, but there is word limit so I can never give thorough instruction. Providing instructions and the interface in Korean would be suffice to solve most of these issues though...

I just want to let you know that many korean users acclaim your product, and I see about 4516 people have downloaded your full version. Koreanizing option should be well considered. If you gonna need to find a korean translator, I could give you hand as my appreciation for your app. is genuine. You can send me an email if you want to discuss about this further.

There is no denying that your product is the best music player out there so far. I can sense that you really thought out of the app that you made, putting the best effort to provide us with most functional solution possible. I really think highly of all the considerations you have put when designing this player and that is proven and felt by many customers, including myself, who cannot help buying this player.

So thank you for fixing all the problems that have been bugging me up to now, and again, keep up the good work!!

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