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Album Art Save question


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For some reason, a lot of my album art was screwed up. Either the art was in a terrible resolution or the art never made the transfer over to my phone.

I used the option for Poweramp to grab the missing art.

I have also been going through albums individually and changing the bad resolution ones out. I use the method of long pressing on the album art and selecting a new album art listed by Poweramp.

My question is this:

Does Poweramp save the album art to the actual music file or just to Poweramp?

I ask this because I want a permanent fix the the album art. If I happen to delete the Poweramp cache or data, I don't want to lose all of the album art that I have changed.


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(I have put this reaction on google play too).

If you like (self-chosen) album art for each individual track, like me, (for compilation albums mostly) embed them with mp3Tag (or any other free program).

(I size my art to 300x300 pixels, which gives good results on my SGS2).

Make sure there are no hidden files (for example all kinds of loose album-art files) left in the music folder on your pc before you copy the folder it to your phone otherwise Poweramp will make a mess of things. (errors like: unknown album, too many failed files etc.)

So erase all the hidden files, or copy just the bare mp3, wma etc to your phone !!!!!

(I found out through trial and error).

If you want self-chosen embedded art: uncheck everything in Poweramp settings concerning album art.

To view (and erase) hidden files in your music folder(s), just google 'view hidden files' to find out how to do that.

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