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Unless I have failed to find it, what I miss is documentation. This is the first portable music player I have every owned (yes, an old fogy loading his phone with classical music), and while I am enjoying the music, I am also puzzling away on how to use it.

eg. Loading a playlist (it showed up but said not loaded when I imported via isyncr from son's itunes on pc). I have that working.

Any of fancy settings allow me to compress dynamic range? (forever adjusting volume as music switches from solo instrument/voice to full orchestra).

Can I switch from playlist to playing a specific sound and then go back to the playlist in the same position? (I suspect this is something to do with queuing??)

Any way to "shuffle" but keep whole pieces together (ie dont regard a symphony movement as a separate song). At the moment, the only I can find to do that is use an audio editor on the pc to collect the whole piece into a single "song" and import that.

etc. Took a while to discover the hold-down function on shuffle. All things a manual might help with.

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in menus => Help then Open Help on top - this will open rather detailed description on Poweramp options. Though, some options/features are more advanced/functional now and help pages require update. There is a different page per each Poweramp screen (main, eq, library).


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