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"Am I doing it wrong"?


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Poweramp Settings>Folders and Library>Advanced - Queue:

Start Playing Queue: After current song

Return To Queue: True

Audo-Advance From Queue: True

Ignore Shuffle: True

On UI:

Shuffle: All

Repeat: Repeat List

So bearing the above in mind I, by default, play all the songs in my music directory. When I fancy a particular song I press the scrub bar (which loads up the song list) and I choose the song I wish to play and, using the down arrow on the right, select "Enqueue". Now as set and I would expect it queue's the song up and plays it. The "Next track" display shows it as "Queue", so I know it's a queue.

Now the problem occurs in that it constantly plays the queued song(s) until I manually tell it go back and play from the main song list (by select a song in that list).

I believe the issue is that I use the "Repeat List" setting as default because I play all the music on my device, but as soon as Poweramp enters a queue it treats it as the list, so it's just looping around. If I set "Repeat" to "Advance List" it goes back to the previous list, but then it stops at the end of the "all music".

If this is so, can I request a new "Repeat" option, one that repeats the "master list" but advances queues.

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