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  1. A beer to that man! Clicked reset and instantly the volume dropped and the dynamic range seems to have returned and no evidence of clipping so far! Cheers blaubär!
  2. Disclaimer: I have only tested this on BT at the moment as that's what I use the most. PA Build: 829 Device: Note 8 EU Dual sim. OS: Android 9 Pie - Whatever latest EU update is (vendor free build). Audio output tested: BT to Sennheiser HD 4.5 headphones. ----- I updated in the last few days to build 829 and I can hear a noticeable downgrade in audio quality since. The music just doesn't seem to have as much room to breath and I am hearing some noticeable audio compression going on. Whenever the sound stage is relatively clear it sounds normal, but when things start getting busy you can really start to hear compression and sometimes it operating in waves, with things fading in and out in a slow cycle. In other, simpler, more acoustic tracks I can hear clicks and pop distortion, almost like the audio is clipping. I have also noticed that I have to have the volume lower now, so could this possibly be explained by a boost in pre-amp volume and Poweramp trying make space for my graphic equaliser settings? This might explain the clipping as well. I have also noticed that my headphones don't support DVC if that's possible something to do with it (I noticed the extra options in the BT settings - not sure if this is connected)? I have only noticed the audio problems since the latest update, before the weekend it sounded fine.
  3. If that's the case then it's not showing for me. It's just flat out missing on mine regardless of how I toggle that option, or the static seek bar.
  4. Back in V2 there used to be a small piece of the UI that showed how many tracks had played out of the selected tracks (album, playlist, all tracks etc.). I used it as a quick way of checking whether or not I had all songs playing or had ended up in a playlist/album. Has this been removed in V3 or am I just missing it somewhere?
  5. Just be aware, before you go building up your expectations, that "as soon as possible" is quite different to "soon".
  6. The screenies look quite good. The play screen looks the best. I can see some nice interface interaction possibilities with that, for instance you could scrub by sliding the play button left and right, which could be nice. And hopefully that's a nice frequency animation behind the play buttons as well. The library is clean, but the bottom is rather messy, I am assuming this is overlaying on something else causing it to look that way. My only real concern at this stage is that this looks like it's on a Note 8, which has a 18:5:9 aspect ratio, which gives everything a lot of space to breath, however what does it look like at 16:9?
  7. If that works then great, I just didn't want to be languishing on a beta while everyone on the normal channel is rocking the latest build
  8. Regarding the new release A few questions if I could be so bold: If there is a beta/new alpha release will it be via the Play Store Poweramp beta channel? When v3.0 final is released (especially if a public beta is skipped) can you somehow release a notification to beta/alpha users so they know? Maybe release the final into the beta channel with a pop up advising people they can move over to the normal release. Can you add "cloud" support to the export/import settings system please? It will aid people moving from beta/alpha to the normal release. Maybe even a "auto backup" option as well, that would be handy because I usually always forget to export my settings when I wipe/replace my phone.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible, maybe within some sort of DSP function, to run some sort of fast audio compression on a track within Poweramp? I appreciate something like this eats the CPU and will most likely cause distortion that some users may pick up on. However, if there was a hard and fast compression with a user selectable "aggressiveness" setting that adjusts how much clipping it produces (i.e. how high it pushes the frequencies) it would probably work. Maybe a "pre-run" option could be available that could compute a better, less distortion prone or more customisable, settings table for each track, so each track could have it's own own frequency peaks pre-calculated so less calculations are required on the fly. Of course, this in turn would/could increase the volume for users which seems to be a permanent request. EDIT: Some default profiles should also probably be offered, ones that vary the amount of compression added or boost different areas.
  10. Hello, I am quite liking the new V3, but I have found an annoying problem. When I get in my car, enable bluetooth on my phone, it syncs with the car and I start Poweramp which then quite happily switches to my bluetooth graphic equaliser settings. However when I reverse that and put my wired headphones in it still remains on the bluetooth profile even though there is a specific profile for wired headphones. If I switch the profile manually it doesn't switch back to bluetooth and happily remains on the wired headphones setting until I connect to another bluetooth device.
  11. If you got it off Google Play just go here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock&hl=en
  12. Or not, it appears to be looping with one track now. I think it must be a bug (that it loops or not) as it's not consitent in my use. Still the feature would be handy as looping the queue may be what some people want.
  13. Ok I take that back, it's looping with one track now! It's got to be a bug then because it's not consitent.
  14. This stems from this post: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3836-lock-screen-yes-or-not/ Basically if you, like me, play your entire music library but like to select a particular set of songs to play now and again but then return to the normal "all play" list the current looping system is annoying. Because I want my entire music to loop through indefinatly I use the "Repeat List" option, but as soon as you play a queue of songs that starts to loop the queue (the queue has to have more than one song for this to happen) and never exits the queue if your using the specific queue exit option outlined in the linked post. The only way to exit the queue is to have it on any other repeat option, but then it won't loop the main list once it's exited the queue. So I think something like another repeat mode like: Loop but advance queue's. It probably sounds more complicated than it is, but if you read the linked post and replicate it it's quite obvious.
  15. At the moment the queue option keeps the tracks in it even when they have finished playing. Could we have an alternative that you queue up the tracks, they play and as they finished they are removed out of the queue. Basically work like Winamps "Enqueue" feature does, but I like the idea of having a persistant queue as well.
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