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  1. I am running Gingerbread 2.3.7 and PA 525. I have album art in main player and on widget, but on the pull down I have, on the left, play symbol then name of song. Under that artist - album. On the right there is a faint zigzag pattern and no album art.
  2. Right, I see now - The "Geek In The Pink" track uses APE tags whereas the other uses id3. It looks like Poweramp does not recognise the APE tags, these are a very old "standard" - so is not applying replaygain to these files. In fact, when I looked at the tags of the files under mp3tag I could not see the replaygain as it does not like APE tags either. I had a quick look at how to fix this but could not find anything obvious to convert the tags - but now you know why so I'm sure you can find a solution.
  3. Right, from this we know that Poweramp is definitely not reading the tags on that file as it is attenuating the files it thinks have no tags. Is there any way you can put one of the files you have added tags to somewhere so I can have a look at it?
  4. Right, let's find out what's going on. First, select one of your mp3 tracks without replay gain tags in it - make sure it doesn't have itunes tags in it either as these can be used by Poweramp too. Make a copy of the file. Name one WithGain.mp3 and one NoGain.mp3 Apply Replay Gain using Foobar to WithGain.mp3 Under Replay Gain settings in Poweramp set RG preamp to 0 (near enough will do). Set Preamp for songs without RG to its lowest setting. Put both tracks on your phone and rescan. Make sure Apply Gain is set and Source is Track Play both tracks one after another - do you hear any difference in loudness between the two?
  5. What types of files are you using (mp3, m4a, flac ...)? A rescan isn't necessary as far as I know, Poweramp uses the values it finds when it starts playing the track.
  6. OK, For one of the files you have used Foobar on to calculate and apply replay gain: Show the file in Foobar, right click -> Properties -> Properties Tab Do you see a ReplayGain heading followed by values for Track Gain and Track peak?
  7. OK, Under settings -> audio -> replay gain Do you have: Replay Gain: Apply Gain Source: Track
  8. Check that your album name under both encoder types are the same in their respective tags. Seems you have the artist name consistent but not album name. Check for extra spaces or something like that in either. Failing that - use mp3tag to retag the album name on each song in each album irrespective of encoder type - use copy paste..
  9. You need to set your repeat to "Advance List" also.
  10. Well, I cannot comment on the desire of the Devs to incorporate track / album average level analysis into Poweramp but in the mean time If you can mount your phone as a mass storage device you can use foobar to analyse your entire collection while it's on the phone and apply tags as and where necessary. This may get around your problem in the short term. Also note, there is a limiting function that you could use to attenuate transients if you are experiencing clipping.
  11. You're right, this is how it works - the queue loops if repeat all is set no matter what settings you use for the queue. Advance list is the only way to get the queue to play once and then carry on. Don't know if this is a bug or as designed.
  12. Somewhere in your settings (probably not under poweramps settings) there will be a toggle for change track on long volume press or somethng like that. Turn it off and see if that fixes your problem. If it does, wear pants with roomier pockets.
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