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If your losing songs out of your playlists.

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Uncheck scan after mtp. I was losing the listings in my playlists.

Just the songs in download directory would appear and the listings of other folders would be erased.

I think I sorted it. I might be back in afew days crying.

I've just started using my phone as a mp3 player. I use a e11 Fiio headphone amp and Sony XBA4 headphones.

I can see it is easily the best and most comprehensive mp3 player I've ever owned.

Particularly it plays lowbit media nicely. Also the sub bass on the equalizer is great as I have subs in my headphones.

I've got the album art, organized the playlists and assigned sound settings. I be using this software for life. I think it's a great player. I use it alot.

I'll post more if my playlist problem recurs.

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