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Shuffle songs within a playlist?

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There are a number of different types of shuffling options, but no explanation as to what each of them does (at least I can't find any explanation!).

I would like to be able to start a playlist and then shuffle just the songs within that list. It seems that regardless of what shuffle type I select, songs that are not in the list I'm currently playing from are played as well.

I'm using version 2.0.5, build 488.

By the way - this is an incredible app and I would have happily paid twice what I paid for it ($4.99)!

Keep up the great work, guys! (as long as you answer my question ;) )

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Okay, I seem to have been able to find an answer on my own -

I found this post: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/2832-shuffle-info/, which explains to go to the folders/library list, select your playlist, long click your playlist, and select shuffle.

Doing that started the playlist and showed the shuffle icon with the three bars to the left of the crossed arrows.

So, I guess I'd like to turn this post into a feature request: A MANUAL!! Or, at least a better contextual explanation of what each shuffle mode does. They don't really make sense to me (obviously, since I saw that option and didn't realize it did what I was looking for).

In the short time I've been in these forums looking for an answer to this issue, I've seen other remarks that a) people don't understand what a lot of the features do, and B) people (including me) would like a detailed manual.

The app does a LOT, and a detailed user manual would greatly benefit its users!

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Thanks for this thread, I was slowly going mad trying to figure out how to shuffle a playlist or folder!

There is a bug when accessing shuffle functionality from within a playlist/folder. I've tried all the shuffle options - after shuffling a number of songs within a playlist it will begin shuffling songs from across your entire music library. Incredibly frustrating.

Other than that, great app, love it!

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