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coloured lrc text

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well I want to know if this is possible to change the colour of the lrc text I know it may need a whole different code or smth

but I really need to know if it's possible and if it ever has been made or realised 

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26 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Is not a feature of the core app, but the lyric text colour is skinable, which some skins support (e.g. I know YAPS can do it).


well it would be really cool if we could change the colour of a word or a sentence in a synced lrc it would probably the most unique thing

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While it is technically possible for LRC data to by synced down to the individual word, it's pretty rare outside of karaoke content. Timecode data is normally supplied for the whole line only. The current line is highlighted as brighter/larger text in Poweramp.

If your LRC data does contain individual word info, it will not be processed by Poweramp as it is not intended to be a karaoke machine. Here's a theoretical example from the LRC wiki, which is pretty close to being an unofficial spec. The timecodes shown in <> brackets will be ignored, so for example at 00:06.47 the simple text "And all the joy within you dies " would be highlit.

[ti: Somebody to Love]
[ar: Jefferson Airplane]
[al: Surrealistic Pillow]
[lr: Lyricists of that song]
[length: 2:58]
[by: Person/organization that authored the LRC file]
[tool: Software used to create LRC file https://example.com/lrc-maker-pro]
[#: Some comment]

[00:00.00] <00:00.04> When <00:00.16> the <00:00.82> truth <00:01.29> is <00:01.63> found <00:03.09> to <00:03.37> be <00:05.92> lies 
[00:06.47] <00:07.67> And <00:07.94> all <00:08.36> the <00:08.63> joy <00:10.28> within <00:10.53> you <00:13.09> dies 
[00:13.34] <00:14.32> Don't <00:14.73> you <00:15.14> want <00:15.57> somebody <00:16.09> to <00:16.46> love


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