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Schedule Start Time for Song to Automatically Play

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I have looked all over my Poweramp and I cannot find any feature that will enable me to schedule a start time for a song to automatically start playing at a time I specify.  All I could find is a "Sleep Timer" feature which is not what I need.  Can anybody in this forum be so kind to confirm if Poweramp Android version has such a feature? I would be very surprised if it does not due to how it is the best music player app in the world.  Thank you for your time.

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@1artist there is no such option (and actually adding something like that will require alarm and related permissions, which we would generally avoid), but there are enough automation tools on Android which can do that, for example, Samsung Routines can do a Routine with Open an app or do an app action with Poweramp Play action selection and that can be ran on the specific time or for a specific condition/mode/etc.

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