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Locked out of devices

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In 2017 & 2018 I purchased 6 licences for my various devices.  In the last few months I receive the following messages:

Failed to Validate
"No such Google or Email (Android 3.0) account registered on device."

I would like to use Poweramp on this device.  It has all the music of particular genre on it.   There is no Google email registered on this device that fits the registration.  Most of my registrations were not gmail addresses.

How do I activate the licence for this device?  



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If you are trying to run Poweramp on an old Android 3.0 device, you would need to be using the legacy v2 version of the app so I'll move this thread into that subforum.

I assume you are talking about website purchased licences as there would be no need for multiple purchases from the Play Store as you can download on multiple devices with the same Google account. Licence validation is not possible via the Play Store on very old versions of Android now anyway (no longer supported by Google).

See the legacy v2 section in this FAQ:


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