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In one of the other topics we were talking about separating singles to show up under a sub category at the end of the albums list by leaving the album artist tag blank, so all unknowns artists are separated from the main album list. This would actually also be ideal for artist splitting. If the artist is not the album artist, and is one of the split artists, it shows up at the end of the list. Maybe separated by an "Appears on" or something like that. Similar to how a lot of the streaming sites do it.

Right now with new music, multiple guest features are becoming extremely common. For example, I have 395 songs by a certain artist on my phone. It says 90 albums, but in reality it's like 15 albums by that artist and 75 albums with one song as a guest feature. That's a lot to scroll through. It would be so much nicer if it listed the 15 albums by that artist and then the 75 guest appearances were separated to list at the end after some kind of divider or "Appears on" text. Maybe it's a custom text, or an image.

That being said, thanks for the amazing app!

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