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EQ Settings for Car AUX?


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When I use Poweramp with earbuds, the sound is great! But when I plug it into my car AUX, the sound is.... not so great.

I've tried playing around with the EQ settings and I just can't figure out a good setting when using the car AUX. It's almost as if there is too much treble and bass and it results to me turning off my music as I can't stand listening the poor sound quality.

To bet by, I end up using Google Music App to play my mp3's and sounds seems to be fine. But when I try using Poweramp, for some reason, all of the bells and whistles just makes my car stereo sounds like crap. I even tried turning off all the settings in Poweramp (Equ, Tone, Limit) but it still sounds inferior.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 in case anyone is curious.

Any ideas/suggestions?


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You may need to use a FLAT equ preset, as good car stereo (usually) already adds a lot of basses and trebles to signal.

Even more, you can specifically also turn Bass and Treble tone knobs to zero and then save/overwrite FLAT preset or create new one (CAR). This will store tone values into preset as well.

Make sure StereoX is on zero as well.

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