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Parametric EQ question


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I started using the Parametric EQ to tame the bass of my sub in my car but I’m very confused by the settings.


I tried to add a band for the low end and use a high pass filter (low cut), but for some reason it seems the high pass and low pass filters are flipped, as in when I’m using the low pass filter, it’s filtering out the lows and the high pass is vice versa. Low shelf and high shelf seem to be working fine.


Is it something I’m doing wrong or misunderstanding here?


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8 hours ago, maxmp said:

@traced1D for low frequency band you want to add low pass band.

Bands are summed (or cascaded) together and with the dry signal. By adding high pass band (and applying positive gain) you'll hear more frequencies above the cutoff.

Just realized what I misunderstood. Thank you for that, much appreciated. 

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