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block size set lower

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@huoyan1231 technically we can, but reducing block sizes that much will mean we will not have enough frequency resolution, esp. for lower bands, as each FFT "band" becomes 50-100hz and we can't properly handle bass tone, lower graphic bands, or parametric bands on the lower part of spectrum.

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3 hours ago, maxmp said:

@huoyan1231从技术上讲我们可以,但是减少块大小意味着我们将没有足够的频率分辨率,尤其是。对于较低频段,当每个 FFT“频段”变为 50-100hz 时,我们无法正确处理低音调、较低的图形频段或频谱下部的参数频段。

Could 2048- block size exist as an experimental option?

This option will include warnings about possible audio issues, allowing users to choose between latency and more precise audio processing.

For some games, a block size lower than 2048 can greatly improve the experience (tested on wavelet)

thanks for your work

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