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Poweramp Skin Sample


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I'm trying to learn about skin creation but I am having the sample skin up and going in Android.  Keeping getting errors.

Is there a video, or a step by step to get into it. I'm relatively new to android development. 


I well aware that it's probably not the first thing I should be diving into.  Having a specific objective makes it easier for me to get into doing something, so while it may be a lot to start with, it works for me that way. (suffice it to say, I have my reasons)

Specifically, at this point, I'm trying to understand what is required here:



How to Start Own Skin (Based on Sample Skin)

Skin development is done directly from Android Studio (2020.3.1+).

clone this repository, rename appropriately and change values/strings.xml labels and xml/skins.xml entries

change application package, preferable to something containing ".Poweramp.v3.skins." as this is the substring that will be used in Poweramp to search for skin APKs in Play

(optionally) edit local.properties, add path to your Poweramp v3 APK (by default, it points to the bundled resources-only Poweramp apk):


What changes in strings.xml and skins.xml



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More Edit

I've now righted everything and can start learning and editing the skins and plugins.  *Kermit flail*




Edit: Update of below

Cloning the repository from within Android Studio has fixed the issue. I had used Git for windows before. Now I've moved on the a Java compatibility error. I feel, though, that I'm trending in the right direction.

('compileDebugJavaWithJavac' task (current target is 11) and 'compileDebugKotlin' task (current target is 17) jvm target compatibility should be set to the same Java version.)

I'm sure there's a Google result somewhere for that.




I seem to have made it past any errors, or at least it's not showing me. It could very well be that it just got tired of showing me the same error and gave up.

Now, I load the project and then try to put it into an APK but when I click on Build, I don't get the option to generate the APK but rather what is in the screenshot. The build works successfully in creating the module.

If it's an issue with not properly understanding Android Studio, I can go away and learn more about it where necessary.





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