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Now track info via Bluetooth

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Poweramp 2.0.7-build-515 (full-ver)

Android 4.1.2

Sony Xperia Z & SE MW600

Poweramp can't display track info on mw600 but other players can (walkman app, google play music, etc.)

How do you propose to fix this problem?

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Generally (if implemented properly by ROM), it either works for stock player and Poweramp (provided that Settings - Misc - Send metadata changed intent is ON, which is ON by default), or doesn't work for both.

In case of Sony Z, I can't see anything beyond "Unknown" on MW600 (Sony Z ROM = 4.1.2 Build 19.1.A.1.350).

From the log it seems like there is a bug in ROM (song with correct metadata played in Walkman):

02-27 04:14:43.454: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): Exc is java.lang.NullPointerException

02-27 04:14:43.454: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): end of parsing mData

02-27 04:14:43.464: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): sendMetaData /org/bluez/9519/hci0/dev_58_17_0C_EA_FB_E2

02-27 04:14:43.464: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): Meta data info is trackname: Unknown artist: Unknown

02-27 04:14:43.464: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): mMediaNumber: 4 mediaCount 6

02-27 04:14:43.464: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): album: Unknownduration 218200

02-27 04:14:43.464: D/BluetoothA2dpService(575): mGenre Unknown

I will investigate this issue further and may be some workaround is possible.


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My Sony MW1 Smart Wireless Headset Pro displays the title and artist of the first song when I connect, but then no longer changes (Settings - Misc - Send metadata changed intent is ON). Any solution?

Poweramp 2.0.8 build 525 Full Version

HTC One X+ (with InsertCoin ROM 3.6.5)

Android 4.1.1

EDIT: I do not know what happened, but again changes the name of the songs. I'm happy again!! :D

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Is anyone doing something about this issue??


It is really irritating! No metadata on Sony MW1 nor DSX-S310BTX. Nevertheless stock Walkman app works fine.


PLEASE let us know what is going on.


Sony Xperia Z JB 4.2.2

Poweramp 2.0.9 build 529 Full Version

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Settings - headsett/Bluetooth - scroll down to the "important" message & enable metachanged info & send album / artist with meta etc.


This should work if you got the latest Poweramp upgrade  



- Mads

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