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Flip Series Compatibility

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Currently when utilizing Poweramp on a Samsung Z Flip series device (mine is the 4 and about to be 5) there really isn't compatibility with the phone when semi-folded. Because it is a media application the phone will condense the gui to half the screen and activate audio controls on the bottom. It would be nice the application took control of this and split the screen similar to have a youtube video works on the flip.

Also with the Z Flip 5 and the new cover screen it would be really awesome to see Poweramp be an application that is compatible and easily accessible from the cover screen. If this is something a developer needs help testing I would be more than welcome to assisting with this as I will have Poweramp running on both the flip 4 and 5 when it comes in.

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@maxmp I would add that Flip Z 5 extra display feature is limited to some sort of undocumented whitelist, if any documentation arises for this, PA will be added.

As for flip mode, phone shows media controls, but you can switch to touch pad with the button (You Tube shows the touch pad for me by default as I tested).

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