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AAudio setup

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Question 1 i using AAudio cause it original audio from the file (this is true) and i have a 48khz file and my headphones support 44.1khz I'm not sure if I should change the khz to 48khz or keep it at 44.1 


Question 2 Is It bad that is says failed 


If one has to say is AAudio better than and hi res? I looked it up that it is and uses the original audio source from the file and That AAudio sounds better when up scaled to 96 from 44.1 and I took a blind test with the same settings on hi res and AAudio at 16 96khz ND EQ off and for me AAudio sounded way more better than but hi res had a extra punch of bass on it with the EQ off.




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@Pedro Simon Antonio I agree with you, Aaudio sounds better to me than Hi-Res on my Samsung galaxy m51, even when I was using M30, but the problem is, when Poweramp is playing and I receive a call with WhatsApp or regular phone calls, at the end (most times) Poweramp will be playing with no sound, I have to force close the app in system settings then open Poweramp again to get sound. 

Doing that every time it happens is annoying so I am sticking with Hi-Res. 


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