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Poweramp is just MilkDrop 2.x for Android.

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@RaulReturns  if you mean visualizations - yes and no. Poweramp visualization engine is an independent implementation, so it’s not always compatible with all milk presets (but it tries to be as compatible as it’s possible). ProjectM is another implementation with its own quirks so presets may look differently.

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Is there a way to get the visualization application outside of Poweramp or does it always have to be run within the Poweramp interface?

The reason I ask is because having been a long time fan of Milkdrop and Milkdrop 2.   (Thank you Ryan Geiss👍)

It's great to discover it running through Poweramp Equalizer


HOWEVER!  It's annoying to not have the freedom to navigate through the different visualization presets,  in true full screen mode without having to struggle using it through Poweramp's app window.  It just makes it harder to navigate through the various Visual presets, and makes it easy to accidentally toggle the wrong feature setting within Poweramp.  There should at least be a way to detach visualization window from  Poweramp Equalizer window,  allowing to run and toggle the visualizations without difficulty and in true full screen mode. 

I have no problems with it being kept  exclusively in the Poweramp Equalizer App.   But only if this problem can be resolved and the good old days of Milkdrop 2 will return👍


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