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Different Sound Quality

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About a month ago I made a switch from my 5 years old Samsung Galaxy A6+ to the new Samsung Galaxy A54 (both midrange phones). Instaled both, Poweramp Player and Equalizer on the new phone with the exactly same settings manually, and from the first day, I realized the sound difference. Listening to the same songs with the same pair of earphones (cheap ones but audio quality is incredible).

My point is, the old Galaxy A6+ sounds more powerful in bass even at low volume and more clear tones, while the new galaxy a54 sounds muffled,  poor in quality than the 5 year old phone. How is this possible, I never expected a newer phone to be inferior to an old one from the same brand, does it have to do with the processor (old one use snapdragon, the new one use exynos) or some internal processing ? Tried many setting with equalizer and tones, dvc, absolute volume, but i can't reach near the audio quality of the old phone. Is there something I can do?

Bellow I attached the screenshots settings from both phones.

Samsung Galaxy A6+ https://postimg.cc/gallery/ShD8y6s

Samsung Galaxy A54  https://postimg.cc/gallery/8vs8S9h

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After testing different settings, i found out that going to sound and vibration menu (samsung android 13) > separate app sounds> turning on the feature and selecting as the app "Poweramp" and the audio device "my earbuds" > turning off and on the bluetooth if already connected> causes the device to force 44.1 khz intead of 48khz, without the need for a resampler. From hi-res menu i coudn't achive that.

Also about the sound, I read on this site https://www.dxomark.com/samsung-galaxy-a54-5g-audio-test/ that the bass precision is slightly altered, also the spatial wideness is very narrow and tonal balance altered too.

That's why I felt that the old device sounds better than this one. 

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