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  1. andreidan.hd87

    Better sound on older phone ?!

    Even in youtube, the quality seems better in s3neo so I really think is the hardware in my perception.
  2. andreidan.hd87

    Better sound on older phone ?!

    I said above that I feel the difference with the same headphones. After google it, i read that the s3 neo has some kind of audio quality chip made by Wolfson (Featuring class-leading technology, the WM1811 provides crystal-clear voice call quality and enriched audio playback for music and video while minimising power consumption, enabling manufacturers such as Samsung to create outstanding HD Audio user experiences with long battery life.). I don't know what audio chip the a6+ uses, but it's a difference in quality and it's not the phone. I compared 2 other a6+ models with the same pair and same settings and the quality doesn't reach the s3 neo. The a6+ doesn't stand out at some sounds from the background, it makes them sound like a bad quality ogg. I realized that at almost every song, that are some sounds that s3 neo stands them out crystal clear. I don't know what to say more.
  3. andreidan.hd87

    Better sound on older phone ?!

    I used the same equalizer settings, no other plugins, dvc on or off, even the buffer or high ress output and the same version of Poweramp. I think that it is related to the audio chip on old phone that is more of quality than the new one.
  4. So I have been using poweamp for 5 years now and last year i decided to change my phone. I was just wondering, why my old phone samsung galaxy s3 neo sounds more crystal clear and powerful than my new samsung galaxy a6+. I felt the difference imediatly, played the 2 phones side by side, same songs, same pair of headphones and same equalizer settings. How come an old phone sounds better than the new one ? Is something more I could try ?