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Use WMA star ratings


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With Windows Media Player you have the option to embed the ratings for WMA files in the files themselves.

Checkbox "Maintain my star ratings as global ratings in files".

That they are stored, I know for a fact, because when I transfer files from one computer to another, they have the same rating on the destination computer and appear in the same auto rating playlists.

It would be nice if Poweramp had the option to read these ratings and use them, so I wouldn't have to rate or re-rate them when I sync thousands of files.

I used Windows Media ASF View 9 and found that they are stored in the Extended Content Description Object (1194 bytes) with an Attribute name WM/SharedUserRating (UTF-8). The index is not fixed because when I changed a file from 5 stars to 3 stars, the offset into the file changed. And the values seemed strange - 99 for 5 stars and 50 for 3 stars but as a DWord, they make sense as a relative value.

So here are the decimal values I found

1 star - 1

2 star - 25

3 star - 50

4 star - 75

5 star - 99

I know that finding these values would require knowledge of the structure of offsets and pointers in that file and I seem to remember seeing something like that once, and maybe the Windows Media API might be useful, but even if that is not available a straight search for the UTF-8 string ought to work.

However, even if you never get around to an enhancement like this, I still am more than pleased with my purchase.

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I would purchase Poweramp if it supported global ratings in mp3's. My trial just expired and I finally uninstalled it with sadness. I love the app but if it doesn't support ratings then I can't justify spending money on it. I know this request/topic has been requested many times but it hasn't really been addressed recently. Is there any hope that this will be included in a future release any time soon?

Crossing fingers,


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Hi guys, why don't you include this feature?


You already have ID3 tag editing functions, so adding this is quite trivial...


Wikipedia has nice artice regarding this feature:



I bought Poweramp but I would really, really, like this feature. Also if you know any other Android player that has this feature please tell me. Thanks.


UPDATE: after further research I gave up waiting Poweramp to have this feature, I'm removed it and installed Player Pro, love it and it has ratings!

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