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  1. Thanks again Ibrahim.....I'll hang on a while longer before going down the ROOT method and I think I understand what you are saying i.e. no lasting damage but if anyone else has an alternative that would be best for me. I'm no technical expert and the thought of accidentally "bricking" my new phone by trying to ROOT it does not fill me confidence Thanks again, you've been really helpful so far Rgds, Mike p.s. I have managed to move my playlists now and one of them was all 5 Star tracks so all is not completely lost, sure would like my ratings database back though .
  2. Hi Ibrahim, Regrettably that option didn't work. Helium is not compatible with my old Xperia Arc so won't load at all and in the notes it also has issues with the Xperia Z (my new phone) If you or anyone else has any more suggestion that would be helpful Regards, Mike
  3. Ratings sync ........PLEASE! It would make an outstanding music player AWESOME
  4. Hi Ibrahim, Just picked up your note and will have a go later today when I get back home. I still have my old phone and have checked out Helium on the Play store. It looks really promising and if it works I'll owe you big time. I'll post results later but wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to come up with a possible solution Rgds, Mike p.s. I too wish that the guys would implement the ratings sync.
  5. NP Andre, thanks for the idea it was worth investigating Rgds, Mike
  6. Hi Andre, Titanium requires the device to be ROOT'ed and neither my old or new device is. Whilst I don't really mind messing about with the old one (even though I have no idea how to ROOT a phone) I don't want to invalidate any warranty on my new phone so would prefer to try some other method that didn't require some form of alteration to the shipped configuration Regards, Mike.
  7. Hi Ibrahim, For sure they are buried in a file somewhere on my old phone but I have no idea where or how to retrieve them. I have powered up my old phone and put the SD card back in it and the ratings are all still there so I know they are not completely lost they are just not on the SD card so don't transfer to my new phone!?! Hope someone can provide some help Rgds, Mike
  8. Hi Folks, Apologies for the newbie question but having acquired a new phone I thought transferring my extensive music collection would be easy as it's all on the SD card however; I re-installed Poweramp on my new [phone and inserted the SD card and all my music is there except........I have lost all of the ratings and my play lists!!! The playlist I'm not so bothered about but I would really like to get my track ratings back as I have over 3000 tracks. Any help you can offer would be gratefully received. p.s. Old Phone = Sony Xperia Arc : New phone = Sony Xperia Z Regards, Mike
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