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Hi-res breaks on bluetooth after playing sound from another app


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First time poster here!

I am currently trying the Hi-Res Output on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (global, Joyeuse) with some 24bit/96khz FLAC files using a Fiio BTR5 bluetooth receiver capable of LDAC.

After some finicking around the App and the system settings to get the resampler to output the bitrate directly (mainly, disabling DVC and forcing 96khz output), the app was playing hi-res sound wonderfully.

I was not able to disable A2DP hardware offload or absolute volume since the volume control on this BT receiver is separate from the phone's and I want the device to output 100% volume to control it via the DAC.

The problem arose when I clicked the Youtube play button and my phone started blasting both the music and the video at full volume through the built-in phone speaker.

After this happened, anything I did to play sound via the phone came from the built-in speaker unless I turn off the bluetooth.

Afterwards, the wired AUX works fine and the speaker works fine and this bug does not happen again unless I turn on the bluetooth. In this state, the music comes out of the phone's speaker.

The only solution is to turn off Hi-res for Bluetooth and to reboot the device. I have since reported this issue with Xiaomi.

* Poweramp build number: 945004-2d535bbf (full version)

* Device model: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (global, codename "Joyeuse")

* Android version: 12 SKQ1.211019.001

* Custom ROM name/version: MIUI, Global Stable

** I have exported my settings down below and I have attached some log files.

123502.707 build-9.txt Feb-23--2023-13-03-27.Poweramp-settings

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Quick update!

I was lurking the forum and I discovered the beta testers program.

I joined and downloaded version 955 from the Play store and now it appears that the bug has resolved itself.

If the bug persists in the future I'll make sure to post an update.

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@StickySli some xiaomi firmwares require "Speaker off for hi-res output" option (search Poweramp settings), or "Emulate media for hi-res"- due to very old Qualcomm code they use which doesn't work well with hi-res. You can try to use AudioTrack output or AAudio Output, it may be more stable in this case, providing "hi-res" over BT as well.

Btw, the recent MIUI firmwares for devices like MI10 on Android13/MIUI 14 work flawlessly with hi-res, dvc - so Xiaomi fixes this with their updates. Thanks!

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