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Add clock to display

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I use Poweramp in my car on an android head unit. I love the layout and have no complaints with the general performance and features but when in fullscreen/landscape mode I have no view of the time in my car.


Would it be possible to add an option to enable a clock? The time would fit perfectly in the top right corner of the display without interfering with the other elements onscreen. That way I can see the time when driving. I don't want to have to show the android status bar and view it that way.  

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Regardless though, when in true fullscreen mode, no matter what the device/head unit, there is no view of the clock anywhere. So would it be possible for add a toggle to display the time in the Poweramp interface?

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No. That's android auto and the clock is provided by the OS.

I'm talking about a system running full android in the car (or wherever it may be). So when in landscape there's no clock. It would be nice to have a clock in the top right corner or something. I don't want the status bar with the network, the notifications and everything else showing like in your picture. Which is why I am curious if this is something that could be added as an option within Poweramp.


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Ah, I see what you mean.

No, as you say the clock is really part of the OS status bar, so for 99% of users it would simply duplicate that. I don't think a skin would be able to add it either, but I'll move this to the Skins thread as that's probably more where it belongs as there is definitely space space in the landscape layout. I wonder if maybe there are any apps which can overlay a clock (widget-style) on top of a currently running app?


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