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Pass thru mode with nothing touching the signal except DA and amplification

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Before I bought Poweramp I gave it a listen. My old phone was a Nexus One, and when I listened to songs on it, I thought the midrange was more lifelike and had a lot more presence and texture. When I played the same song on my new Galaxy Nexus using Poweramp I was disappointed in the sound. When I played it on the Galaxy Nexus using the stock music player it was closer to the Nexus One, it was better in the midrange.

I suspect I had a Poweramp setting that was colouring the sound. Or maybe the Nexus One player was colouring the sound. In any event I'd like a 'direct' setting that turns off everything but DAC and amplification, the proverbial straight wire with gain. It would usually be used for classical, or when you wanted to compare to another source.

Now, I don't know what DAC's the two phones have, and how they 'should' compare. I've spend a lot of time and money on audio equipment with Burr-Browns but never looked at smartphones. Unfortunately I'm too discriminating and picky when it comes to sound. But I will find some time to listen a little more systematically.

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