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Direct Volume Control


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Direct volume control field is grayed out in the advanced audio section...

Reading notes, 1 device listed as not supported BUT my htc evo design 4G is non-functioning?

Also playing around with tweaks, are there an ideal settings? And what gui performance glitches

are noticed? Thanks for any help...

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Same here,desire s unrooted 2.3.5 stock Rom with sense 3.0,now DVC is grayed out,used to work well with 2.3.3.....

Already sent an email to HTC about this,this sucks!

also interested in htc response for sprint htc evo design 4G, unrooted 2.3.4 sense 3.0

and any thoughts power amp guys?

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HTC replied to me:

Dear raymond hachmishvili,

Thank you for contacting HTC.

Dear Sir, we understand your frustration and we do apologize for any inconvenience that you are facing. We will forward your comments to our engineers and technicians for review. They will try to fix these issues in the next update. Thank you for your understanding.

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