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  1. Works great Max! I've been waiting a long time for this 😁 One small issue with the volume though. When I start casting and try to change the volume it suddenly goes to zero. After turning it up again it's fine, it's just that first adjustment that causes problems.
  2. Casting support all the way!
  3. I'm uping this. Chromecast support would be amazing.
  4. @maxmp As with the beta, as with the alpha I have BT control issues. I'm using Audio-Technica ATH-AR3BT headphones with aptX on the Nexus 6P with Android 8.1. The controls don't work with OpenSL and OpenSL HD enabled. Switching to AudioTrack output and back to OpenSL helps, but it only lasts for so long until it stops working again. Turning off absolute volume and DVC has no effect. Can you investigate this issue? I'd be happy to provide additional info, if necessary.
  5. There are quite a few pages of the thread since I last checked so I'm sorry if it was already posted. I found a small UI bug to consider for @maxmp
  6. Must be a bug. I switched to default Android API and then back to OpenSL HD while being connected and now it works. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Anybody with Bluetooth headphones can confirm not working headphones buttons (outside of volume control) with OpenSL (HD or not)?
  8. Same here. Fortunately they stick by themselves. Also turning of background blur in lockscreen removes the background completely, not just the blur effect.
  9. Max, this is truly amazing work! I especially love the new gesture controls in folders. It's way more intuitive than I thought it would be. And the UI as a whole looks incredible! Great job. I miss CUE support, but I understand it's coming in later releases. If I find any bugs I'll be happy to report ?
  10. Might be the ROM thing. I'm using Poweramp on my Nexus 5 with no issues at all (both 5.0 and 5.1). For a short period of time I've used Viper4android and it worked perfectly as well.
  11. First of all. Max is working by himself and those things (especially new audio engine) take time.The developer has no obligation to provide the updates at the time that is convinient to you or anybody. He can either provide not updtaes at all if wishes to. You pay for the app as it is right at the moment you bought it, not guaranteed updates. Second, app developers have ;lives too. He's not spending 100% of his time developing. There was not ETA. If you want your features...develop the app by yourself, buy another one, or just shut up and wait.
  12. Hi! I already sent the bug report form, but I'd thought creating a toppic might help get things clear, Yesterday I installed latest Developer Preview of Androil L 5.0 (LPX13D). Since then, I can't apply any custom theme (neither by Max or aother devs(. When I click to apply a theme "skin applied" messeage appears. But when I get back to the pl;ayer screen, to following error accours: I know it's not the final version of the Android software, but since the release is just weeks away, I think we can saftly assume, that the following issue will be present in the final release.
  13. That would great! Please max, make it happen!
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