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Making the system "Display size" bigger makes the Player UI smaller


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Hello forum.

1) On my Pixel 5 there is weird bug with trying to make the UI elements bigger when using a bigger Display size in settings. The library correctly adjusts its fonts, buttons and UI size, but the Player UI makes everything smaller. Attaching image 1 and 2 (the status bar is visibly bigger to the Player UI elements to the other screenshot)

2) The player UI generally feels that there is a lot of empty space, especially on today's long screens. There were some talks that there is a feature coming, in which you could edit the layout of the currently playing track info. Is that coming, perhaps beong worked on?

3) On Android 13, YouTube Music uses the new media notification layout with a big Play button. Is there a way to have Poweramp using this layout too?

Thank you.





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