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Hello everyone, I had jump from Winamp to Poweramp player and already loved it.

Just only one question: how to use/calculate the replay-gain?

For now I'm using the Winamp player (at PC) but it's seens incompatible with Poweramp: some musics are too loud.

Another issue is that most musics gets too low, almost not audible, if I select "prevent clipping..." RG option.

The REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN, REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_PEAK, REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN and REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_PEAK tags are set in every file and I did enable RG using track source.

Using LG Optimus One, Poweramp v2.0.4 (trial, but not for long) and FLAC music files.

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, I've noticed the same thing regarding volume levels.

I'm using the same settings as I do in WinAmp desktop:

Mode = apply gain / prevent clipping

source = album

soungs without = -6dB

RG preamp = 0dB

The final output is rather quiet. I don't have any EQ or anything else enabled, only replaygain.

I downloaded these other players:





Made sure replaygain was enabled in all of them and played the same song.

Poweramp was noticeably quieter than all of them.

Is there perhaps a bug in the replaygain code of Poweramp?

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There seems to be some problem with the way Poweramp handles clipping. When Prevent Clipping is enabled, the output is significantly quieter, as if Poweramp's measurement of available dynamic range is not correct (because the volume can be much louder).

Disable Prevent Clipping and the output should be the same as the other apps. My hunch is that the computation of the track peak is non standard.

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OK, this is how I did it - takes some time.

Step 1 - Use foobar2000 to set per track replay gain on all your files - rember to write tag values, find the file which has the most negative gain calculation (this is your loudest recording)

Step 2 - Load these files onto your phone

Step 3 - In Poweramp, set up equaliser and tone as you like.

Step 4 - In Poweramp turn off Limit, Set ReplayGain to Don't Apply

Step 5 - Listen to loudest song found in step 1, set preamp to highest level which does not clip (note, this may well be below the middle setting). Save this into the equaliser preset that you normally use.

Step 6 - In Poweramp set Replay Gain source to Track, Replay Gain to Apply Gain (not the setting which prevents clipping), Set RG Preamp to +6.0 dB, Set Preamp for songs withoug RG to 0 dB.

Step 7 - Listen to loudest song found in step 1, set RG Preamp to highest level which does not clip (this will probably be lower than +6 dB

Step 8 - As a precaution, now set limit on (this in theory should never be hit but it's good just in case)

Step 9 - Write all these settings down!

Now, songs with or without RG will play without clipping with highest possible loudness.

Note, if you import a song later with a higher recording level you may need to lower RG preamp level - make sure you always tag new tracks with foobar2000 before putting them on your phone.

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