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Volume in equalizer resets to 87%


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When entering the equalizer, there's a sub menu in which you can lower the volume of the app, which appears to be standalone - separated from the OS volume. Once I change it, it resets in a very specific interval.

Video: https://cloud.smirky.net/s/PDc2Qco6gmYpYDN

Image: https://cloud.smirky.net/s/skRnSfSHWRLKTki

  • Poweramp build number: any (including all 92x so far)
  • your device model: Junsun V1 car headunit - x86 device
  • your Android version: 9
  • your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM): Chinese Android ROM (stock in my case)
  • steps to reproduce: in the video
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Hello, is there anything I've missed or perhaps didn't strictly follow the procedure to properly report?

I'm asking, because my report is slowly getting shifted back to a few pages down and I noticed that most topics get at least a response very quick.

Please let me know if you would need anything from me, despite the already reported image and video.

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There's a global volume adjustment in the Android settings, which I believe it's specific to the Chinese multimedia, rather than something that comes with the Android. I'm actually using this setting to lower the volume of all the applications. The reason for that is because the minimum volume level "1" is too loud for my car, thus I adjusted it to my liking. Yes, I did suspect that it could be the reason why this happens, but I never actually tested it. I will try to play around and make some more screenshots and get back to you. But in case that turns out to be the cause, is it possible to prevent Poweramp from obeying this reset?

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After thorough testing, I went through ALL the options that are related to volume, subwoofer or amplifier settings of the device. None of them made any impact, not even to the weird 87% value. After going through every option in Poweramp, related to volume, DVC, OpenSL, resmpling, etc.. still no impact. It keeps resetting on either a constant interval or upon changing the volume manually, i.e. through the volume buttons.

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@smirky again, system resets volume to this level and Poweramp syncs it (there is no code which will wait x sec. and change volume in Poweramp). 
If you wish to investigate, try to capture Full Report right after the incident from the device Developer settings if those are available. Report appears in the notifications in couple of minutes and can be sent to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com

Also Poweramp has alternative, non system volume related, gains - preamp, and Replay Gain options - these may help to offset Poweramp volume as needed.


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