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Volume too low after update to 921 - Solved


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After update to build 921, the volume is way too low, significantly lower than before.
In other apps, the volume is normal, considerably higher than in Poweramp.

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S21 (Android 12 latest build) and Samsung Galaxy Buds2.
I've tried this: restarting the phone, unpairing the earbuds and pairing them again - no use.

I've never touched the settings for Direct Volume Control, but I restored them to default, just to be sure. That didn't help either.

Poweramp is basically unusable to me right now, because of the low volume.

UPD: I found a fix - in Android Settings/Apps/Poweramp, I cleared cache and data, now the volume is normal. Still you should have a look at this, seems like a bug to me.



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@bamsekram by default it will just check if absolute volume is enabled or not and disable DVC automatically.

Low volume is indication of DVC + absolute volume, these two won’t work together and or another should be disabled.

Galaxy buds do support volume control on them so I recommend disabling abs. volume to have DVC enabled for the greater equalization range.

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I have almost similar problem on my car Head Unit. It's an ac8227l based model with 1GB Ram and android version 8.1.0. 

Everything worked fine, Poweramp player was fine. I updated the firmware which made minor changes to UI. I had to reinstall the player and now volume is very, all other apps have better volume at 15 point( 40 max). Poweramp achieve same volume at about 27. If I disable DVC, the volume becomes same as of 15 points with other apps but to my eyes I don't think the sound quality is same, I maybe wrong. 

Before update, I just adjusted the EQ from app, no other changes. After update just reinstall with same EQ settings. 

Can you suggest what I should be checking? 

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