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Reset Song Timer For Every New Song Change

Bovas J

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I am a very die hard fan of Poweramp. I use it everyday. One of my favourite feature which i love is Audio Streaming/ Radio stations. I have a huge collection of various radio station links which i save separately as playlist and listen to them everyday. The album art fetching from internet is so wonderful  


I have a small request to make. I use MusixMatch app for pop up lyrics which sync the song with the song played on radio/ music player .

My suggestion is that during a continuous audio stream it would be better to reset the timer for every song change. If every music tag change the timer can go 0:00 and so on the lyrics will be synced

Then MusixaMatch can detect the song beginning and end and can show synchronised lyrics.

I request this as a feature as experiment which i can enable/disable

Another suggestion i have is a history of songs played on the radio stations


Kindly consider as the timer reset would be helpful for so many fans like us to listen radio with proper synchronisation


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