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Offline Poweramp for really old android?

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Hi guys. I've probably bought PA like two or three times already on different accounts, but now I have revived an old HTC Wildfire S with android 2.2.1, and it can't use Google market anymore but I've managed to install a trial of 2.0.9 build 530, and it works just fine. So now I have a great, super cheap unit for playing +16GB of music with a screen and everything.

Only problem is getting a pro Poweramp on it that won't kill it.

Is that possible?

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Build 588 should work on that - in fact beta 709 ought to work too as that was the last release that did not require Android 5+ - but I've no idea whether a website-purchased licence will still validate on it (Google purchases won't without the Play Store, as you say). It ought to, but it's not something I've tried recently. Or possibly ever.


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