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Adaptive skins

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Heys guys,

my request is related to skins that we have the option " settings theme" which allows us to pick between  dark, light and follow day/night mode for settings only.

If it's possible to make a specific skin to be assigned to light option by drop list for the user and another one assigned to dark mode and once switching between light and dark (night mode toggle) it automatically apploes the skin based on the select ones not just the app settings and vice versa. 


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Hi max thanks for the implementation! maybe a possible enhancement that can be done:

Attatched screenshot

1. The option settings->look and feel -> skin

The selected theme to be considered day theme

2. The option settings -> look and feel -> follow day /night mode

To be replaced with "select dark theme"

And it shows all remaining skins under look and feel -> skin

One dark mode is off it uses 1 and once its on uses 2 allowing cross themes selection 

My suggestion is due most themes dont support the current switch implementation beside of default dark and light themes for example Melodi theme doesn't 



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