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  1. Heys guys, my request is related to skins that we have the option " settings theme" which allows us to pick between dark, light and follow day/night mode for settings only. If it's possible to make a specific skin to be assigned to light option by drop list for the user and another one assigned to dark mode and once switching between light and dark (night mode toggle) it automatically apploes the skin based on the select ones not just the app settings and vice versa. Thanks!
  2. Hello max, Is it possible to implement importing presents from: https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq Or maybe having customizable EQ bands (parametric/graphic options) to targdt specific frequencies Like manually entering 24 hz ,55hz,.... Have great day
  3. openSL ES in galaxy s10 (SM-G973F) via 3.5mm jack has 120ms latency while AAudio have 321ms while it shouldn't be near direct based in docs? https://developer.android.com/ndk/guides/audio/aaudio/aaudio
  4. Yup i am aware of that it takes 3 taps to achieves my whole point to make it ease of access is that the indicator shows up only when a song have an embedded lyrics else its invisible thus it means it can be searched in web or 3rd party lyrics app is needed
  5. hello there, Is it possible to have in main a tiny tag that tells the current playing song have an embedded lyrics rather than pressing 3 dots menu and pressing lyrics to see if it does or not This position would be great next to 3 dots menu with spacing and similar bg to the 3 dots like merged plate. So it helps to identify if the song have a lyrics embedded or not Thanks in advanced!
  6. * Poweramp V3 838 arm64 * s7 edge SM-G935F, oneplus6 * android oreo, pie * bug: once selecting to list the music folder/all songs by filename the songs are not listed correctly here is some examples in screenshots,
  7. S7 edge exynos SM-G935F I can enable Hi-Res at 192khz like oreo but NO DVC its fadded for headphone/aux output Black diamond note FE port V4 pie oneui (audiohal is from the note device not modded or anything else in the rom) https://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/development/blackdiamondfesmooth-fastv1-0-t3915483 audio_policy.conf the build/prop carries note8 codename for getting led cover to work idk if that's he reason
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