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Option to export single Poweramp-playlists to SD-card instead of batch-exporting


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Dear Poweramp-Team,

I'm a part-time DJ and use Poweramp on my phone for making playlists, exporting them to m3u8, edit the m3u8-file to make it readable for my DJ program and then let it scan it (with 90% success). I own over 20 playlists with several containing over 500 songs and I don't always need to export every single playlist as it takes up time and not every playlist is being used for my work. Any plans on implementing a function to export single playlists?

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18 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@node1634 this is easily achieved with my app New Playlist Manager. Even the free version has the export function for 1 or more Poweramp playlists.

Thanks for the suggestion and no offense, but I'd like to have a in-app solution for that instead of an extra application. That's why I posted it into feature request forum

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