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System wide EQ

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I have Poweramp EQ and I'm liking the control over the frequencies, but it's lack of being system wide is quite annoying.

The settings eluded to additional permissions for something like this, but I can't shell script for the life of me.

Is it possible to alter the app such that it can be system wide without scripting?

There is an app called RE Equaliser 10-Band that does this, so I know that it's possible.


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I think making the eq system wide is possible but it won't be as powerful as it is now. There are several apps that can do global equalization by now like Boom3d, power audio equalizer and sound beautifier. 

If Max has plans to implement something like this (I really hope he does) , I suggest that he make a toggle to switch between global mode and the normal mode because I think global mode equalizers are much weaker than normal ones. 

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