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When I set the sample rate to 352khz, is it exactly 352 or 352.8? When I play a 88khz or 44khz file, would I notice upsampling issues either way? Also, question about bit perfect mode, or a way to get around that.


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Hello, I love the app, but sadly without the dynamic bit rate it is hard to not use UAPP over this. However, recently I got higher res versions of a ton of my music while also noticing that if I cut down 96khz and 192khz to 88khz, they would be almost identical. I also read on another forum that maybe I could put the setting at 352khz since you can divide that by 88 and 44 to get whole numbers. The problem is, I noticed that in the setting to choose sample rate it says 352.8khz.... darn it. I do notice that its ONLY in that specific setting that it has that extra .8, so I was wondering if it actually has that extra .8? Even if it does, would I even be able to notice that significantly small upscale? I am willing to sacrifice 4khz for all my 48hz in order to use this app if so. This app is better than UAPP in EVERY way, EXCEPT that it doesnt have bit perfect mode. I understand from further reading that you guys can not make a "bit perfect mode" due to having to change a whole lot about the app to get it to work properly, but couldn't you make a mode where every time it plays a new album, it changes the sample rate setting that you would normally have to do manually. Example, my last album was 44khz and the next is 48khz, it would detect that the file is 48khz and would automatically go into the settings and change the sample rate from 44khz to 48khz. The processing time could be rough, but I feel it would SKYROCKET the desire for this app. Anyway, thank you for your responses (if anyone does respond lol).


Edit: FACE PALM. IT JUST HIT ME THAT 44khz=44.1 AND 88khz=88.2. ARGHHHHHH

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For 3.5 output, if your device is Qualcomm based on Samsung, in 99.9% cases you're getting only multiples of 48khz (48, 96, 192, 384) and any other sampling frequency will be explicitly or implicitly resampled to the multiple of 48k.

As for USBs this is another story, Android driver itself supports any frequency there, but for some reason some OEMs are locking or limiting those (I guess, lack or desire to test various possible USB-DAC combinations).

BT is another story. And builtin speaker is too;-)

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@joeman v30+ is in those 0.01% (or even less) of capable phones. Though it's only indicated by system as such, it's quite hard to capture and analyze audio on such frequencies. And certainly it can't be heard, unless you're a bat(man);-)

Note: you need to apply No DVC (disable dvc and also limit the equalizer/tone bands amplification) for frequencies above 192kHz on this phone.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 02.38.13.png

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