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Now Playing List showing the wrong information


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- Build-983-arm64-play Full version 64 bit

- Huawei P20 Pro

- Android 10


I'm having issues with the "Now Playing List For Connected Device/Apps" option when using it on my car (Mazda3 2019).

If I enable the option, the data shown in the car displays the song duration and file type where the album should be, as if I was browsing through my library on the phone app:


I've found previous posts of users having the same issue and their fix has been to disable the "Now Playing List For Connected Device/Apps" option. However, if I do that my car starts having issues getting data from the app. Sometimes it will display the right information, sometimes it will display "Unknown Artist" or it will display nothing:

image.png.153cb4c2c1e8271a10c513eb7a37b06c.png image.png.466b128975c0e7689a6a5dc224152b1d.pngimage.png.ca8e5dda2ac0f0ecb5ebdc74f5abfa29.png 

Reconnecting the Bluetooth will give me the previously mentioned results at random no matter how many times I reconnect it. 

I checked other applications (Huawei Music app, VLC player, etc) and they all display the Song, Artists and Album correctly without fail no matter how much I reconnect the Bluetooth. I've been using the full version of Poweramp since 2012 and would love to keep using it with my car if possible, but it does make it very difficult for GraceNote (Which I can't disable) on the car to get the correct album art. 


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 


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Poweramp feeds meta info into appropriate field in the now playing list but apparently it’s the only player doing so and headunits are just untested with this.

I will probably disable this field in the next build. Thanks for the report.

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