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Music Library Disappearing, requiring a rescan. Build 899


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I know this issue has been reported before most recently when the new Android version 11 came out. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10E. I updated to this version late January 2020. Since then I would Mount the SD card and do a full scan or normal scan as required. There is no certain length of time but maybe every week or two of regular use, I will just open the app and the library will have nothing. The app already knows where the music folder location is when I go to scan and I just have to rescan. A bit of an inconvenience as I use the thumbs down to track songs I would like to delete later and I will lose them. There is no warning this happends or popups, and I just use FB, messenger, chrome and that's really it. There is not alternative app as I have been using this one since I got my first Galaxy S3.

Auto Scan is on, initial scan is off, scan providers off, rescan immediately off. Build Legacy mode off. SD card is a Samsung one and I never had an issue with this app until the update. 

I want to thank the creators of this app because how user friendly and the layout is and the folder heiarchy option is what I love most. Instead of making music playlists, I have 3k songs so I will make folders that serve as playlists and there are subfolders in them I can click on if I want to play instead.

Other apps where it shows for example with Poweramp, I have a main Armin van Burren folder with the album's in it and then CD 1,2,3 etc as subfolders under each album. Other apps will just list every folder in one big list and nothing like the folder heiarchy.

Thank you again,


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